Sales System – Design/Redesign – 4S formula

Sales System

  • Well defined Sales systems are very critical for the long-term success of the sales organization, they not just help improve the results but also ensure that time and effort is utilized in most productive manner, they also help bring consistency in results and minimize conflicts.

  • It is very essential for any sales organization to create sales systems and processes for each, and every step involved. Some key components of the sales system and processes involve:

    1.  Sales Steps : Defining every step that is included from the first interaction with the customer to closing the sales transaction to after sales service. This will help to bring uniformity in the sales process, new employees can be trained easily on each process, and they don’t have to waste time understanding unnecessary details. A clearly written sales steps also helps to create the expected reporting at each level and standardised formats can be created around them.

    2. Scrits : One of the key component of sales/marketing is the uniform message and consistency of the communication, this can be achieved across the sales organization by drafting Scripts for both Inside sales teams and Field Sales teams.

    A well drafted product information script with key communication points helps the sales team members to communicate confidently and sharing the necessary details pertaining to products, 3-4 different scripts for different customer types help them cater to all and communicate to them based on the needs of the customer.

    1.  Support material : Studies show that the retention of the brand name is more if the customer is exposed to the same multiple times, this help to enhance the brand recall and hence the sales, the best way to achieve the same is through the marketing material and inputs designed for brand reminder.

    The sales teams which have got varied – creative support material to communicate their product to the customer have more chances of closing the sales, this also keeps the interest levels of the sales team in a product and also the customer.

    Sales organizations should always work towards providing multiple support inputs to the sales team.

    1. Skills Matrix : Sales is a specialized function and needs people with specific skill sets.

    Sales organizations should pay a lot of attention in defining the skills required in the sales person to perform the role, the same should be clearly drawn based on the Key responsibility areas.

    The hiring process for the sales team should be purely based on the skills required and only candidates matching close to 70% should be considered, skills that are most desirable should not be compromised while selecting, those that are teachable even those should match close to 70%.

  • Scope : Review existing sales system and redesign / design to fast-track organizational goals achievement.

  • Objective:

    • Identify the areas if improvement in the existing sales system.
    • Create / refine the sales systems to deliver results.
  • Road map to create sales systems

    • Define the steps involved in the complete sales process
    • Review existing sales systems and processes
    • Identify areas of improvements
    • Design the sales systems to address each step
    • Communicate the new sales system to all stake holders
    • Ensure adherence
    • Tweak unwanted / unnecessary systems or processes.