Sales Goals setting

Sales Goals setting

The key to sales growth is how good an organization works on there Goals setting, what are the key considerations while setting the Goals, are goals SMART or based on gut feelings.

A properly designed goals at every level of the organization helps to bring synchronization and linking the smaller goals to the key goals of the organization help keep the teams aligned.

We assist you and your teams in setting SMART goals and also designing the road map to achieve them.

  • Scope : Assist the teams in setting SMART goals across the departments and organization.

  • Objective:

    Smart Goals Setting :
    • Organization
    • Division
    • Region
    • Area
    • District
    • HQ
    • Salesperson
  • Proposed Road Map for SMART Sales Goals Setting:

    • Approach – Bottom – top or Top – bottom
    • Aspirations for the organization.
    • Historical data analysis.
    • Percentage growth plan on the current financial year.
    • Breaking down the target.
      • Annual / H1-H2/Monthly/Weekly/Daily
      • Breaking down target into each product/SKU
    • Focus not on What, but How to