Team Development Outbound Programs: Healthcare/Pharma

Sales department Need – Gap Audit

Sometimes what has worked for your sales growth in the past does not seem to work in the present, you may not be able to pin point the key reason as most often being a part of the system you may either be too occupied or miss the outside perspective.

This is where an outside perspective from a consultant could come in handy, as it help pin point the key reasons and also to design the solution to address the degrowth/stagnancy.

  • Scope : Identify the key parameters leading to the degrowth / stagnancy , formulate strategy to address the same and arrest the degrowth

  • Objective:

    • Goals Expectations Vs reality
    • Roadblocks to growth.
    • Key Areas of improvement
    • Key degrowth/stagnancy parameters
    • KPI evaluation – Team
    • KRA expectations Vs reality
  • Proposed road map to carry the Sales need Gap Audit:

    • Data gathering – Internal and External.
    • Meetings with Key Stake holders.
    • Interpret the data.
    • Analyse and Evaluate the key finding.
    • Discuss with the Heads to countercheck.
  • Proposed way forward: 

    • Strategy design to address the key parameters.
    • Strategy execution and monitoring to see the progress.