Sales achievement strategy

Sales achievement strategy

  • Breaking down the larger sales goals into the smaller actionable steps to attain the goal helps not just in bringing more predictability but also review the progress and incorporate changes as and when needed.
  • Sales target achievement is an outcome of sum total of multiple interlinked activities performed as intended to deliver the desired response and then moving on to the next step.
  • Any deviation at each step can impact the whole chain of steps and the results, so creating a well defined sales achievement strategy is the key.


Key factors for driving the sales numbers:

  • Sales Target:
  • Average selling price of the product:
  • Historical conversion ratio: (Leads to sales)
  • Total No’ of Lead to be generated
  • Historical conversion ratio: (Customer to leads)
  • Total No’ of customers to be converted
  • Historical conversion ratio : prospects to customer
  • Total No’ of prospects to be contacted
  • Historical conversion ratio: (Calling to prospects)
  • Total No’ of calls to be made


  • Scope : Create a sales achievement strategy.

  • Objective:

    • Identify the various components of the sales achievement strategy.
    • Gather insights from the historical data.
    • Design the framework of the sales achievement strategy. 
  • Road map to design the sales achievement strategy

    • Evaluate the existing sales achievement strategy
    • Check the areas of improvement needed
    • Sales goals set by the organization
    • Create the Sales achievement strategy framework
    • Check if sales goals would be achieved with the desired numbers at each level
    • Rework on the numbers until achievement seems realistic and achievable.