Marketing Effectiveness : Niche Clarity

Niche Clarity

    • Defining the customer segment whose problems / pains your product and service can solve.
    • Right fit for your offering.
    • Profitable segment where you can leverage your offerings.
    • Driving the deep value for your service/product.
  • Scope: Creating most profitable Niche for your business/brand / service.

  • Objective:

    • Assist you in Identification of the best fit market segment for your organization/product/service.
    • Enhance business visibility and reach to the select group of customers.
    • Bring in predictability and profitability through customer loyalty and repurchase.
  • Approach : 

    • Evaluating your current market segment and customer profile.
    • Understand the Market competitiveness for your product/service.
    • Market research to understand existing customer buying preferences for your product/service.
    • Evaluating your services / products offerings and defining the WHO are you.
    • Analyzing the market to understand the unmet customer needs .
    • Positioning / repositioning your product