Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS) – WHO, WHAT & WHOM (3W Approach)

Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS)

  • Digital media is vast and there are all the possibilities to get lost in this huge ocean if we don’t have a clearly defined DMS, most organizations start with selecting the social media platform first and then framing their digital strategy around that which may not be able to deliver the desired results.


  • The (3W Approach) to Digital Strategy
  • Defining your WHO
    • WHO are you,
    • What is unique about you,
    • What is your story?
  • Defining your WHAT
    • What pains or problems of your customer you/your product can solve?
    • What product or service are you offering?
    • What you want to be known as on the digital world
  • Defining your WHOM
    • Who is your customer?
    • What is your Customer Avatar?